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Rapid Resizer 3.5

Edits or creates images, benefiting users with it's ink cost effective feature
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This tool will enable you to choose from a list of patterns, color them as your imagination dictates you, and resize them. It is also especially useful to know how an image will look once you print it. You can click on the File icon and a set of options will be displayed. Browsing among these, you can choose to open one of the predetermined patterns offered by the program, you can scan your own patterns or import them from any file saved in your pc.

Once you have chosen the pattern, it is time for your taste and imagination to be challenged. Rapid Resizer allows you to add color to the pattern and combine patterns in many ways. Plus, if you click on Change Color in the right-upper corner, you can decide if you want the filling color to simulate fabric, wood, glass or simply select the color that best suits you. On the left side of the screen you will see that you can change the width or height of a pattern, and preview it before you print. The pattern can also be rotated left or right.

In the File menu there are two important options as well: the first one is Printing alignment, and the second is orientation of a pattern on a sheet of paper where it will be printed. The pattern can be enlarged as much as you want, in this case it will be displayed on several pages. You must pay attention to the fact that when you enlarge the pattern, the lines will grow with it, to correct that you can change line width from the option displayed on the left side of the screen. Now you are ready to print it. Let your imagination play with this easy-to-use program. Download the trial version and use it freely for fifteen days.

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  • Fast to download
  • Simple commands
  • Various utilities
  • Accessible price


  • Does not allow one to draw
  • No language choices
  • Displayed colors are not quite reliable
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